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There is no need to hurry

Slow down. We have an infinity before us, there is no need to hurry.

Yes I understand you are struggling with something. Your need to accomplish something, maybe it is about getting enough money to survive, finding food in the dumpsters or finishing a project you have been working on for some time.

I understand you want to get somewhere. There is however always time to take a breath. To calm your soul. You will not get there faster the more you stress. Wake up your mind, focus on your mind. It is a powerful machine. Utilizing it with consciousness, giving the mind meaning through existence. Yet all you are doing is distracting yourself from your true self. Distracting yourself with those tik tok videos or some political shenanigans.

What if I told you all your struggles are in vain? They are pointless, just a drop in the ocean of suffering. There will never be anythnig you can make, that has never existed in an infinite world. The world already has it. The world is without time, outside of the human realm. We are just vessels, for everything there already is, and you think you can actually change anything in this infinite flow. It is meaningless to take possession of something that isn't truly yours to begin with. The world is not in your hands, the world carries itself. Now let go of it all. Let it be. And it will show it's true colors.

You are just a vessel, experiencing the now.

Take a breath,


It has already been done before.

There is no need to hurry was published on Oct 15, 2022

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