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add permanent keyboard layout change

simply add this line with the kbmap you want to use to your profile file in the terminal case

cat /sys/lib/kbmap/dvorak > /dev/kbmap

sync time automatically at start

just add this line to the profile file in the terminal case

aux/timesync -n


fix "buggy" spawned terminal

in your riostart file ($profile/bin/rc) simply remove the following line:

; ~ $#console 0 || window -scroll console

and replace it with

window -scroll

fixing the background

first of all make sure to follow this tutorial to get the theme patch on rio working. tutorial

(if by accident you run the patch twice then you will get a lot of errors and you need to reset the hg tree and get the original rio files again)

once you got themes working go to

cd /sys/src/cmd/rio

acme rio.c

and simply follow the short guide to my rio background fix


for some reason the background is buggy until the rio window is resized, so the "bug fix" i made is just a stripped down version of the resized funcion in rio.c and i put it in redraw to execute in once since i did not know where else to put it to make sure it is run once at the start.

after the code as been fixed make sure to run mk and if no bugs were encountered run

mk install


this tutorial is great. I was just confused on how to start the listener. Runnig this line fixed the problem. tutorial


to get the web server working and i also struggled at first to comprehend how to use the sites directory.

Simply make a folder with your local ip such as and you can use it immediatley with wer c if everything is set up correctly.

you can also set up a loopback to use other local folders in the sites directory such as or localhost

ip/ipconfig loopback add

Rc - The Plan 9 Shell

Setup CPU Server on RPI

9front FQA

Contrib package manager

Plan 9 Exploration was published on May 23, 2021

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