Beyond Universe

At the birth of our universe, we often ponder over a single particle, the unity that encompasses all and exploded into the vastness of space. But how did this particle come to be? It would seem logical to assume that it arose from nothing, that before the universe existed, there was a void. However, this contradicts what we observe – the existence of something from nothing, a concept that defies logic and calculation. Could it be that creation from nothingness is not possible, and instead, what we witness is but an illusion, a virtual world born from the void? In this virtual reality, the universe creates its own environment, its own existence.

Every universe is an embodiment of the unknown, where the void (0) births a virtual realm of the known (1). From this, more can emerge, new virtual realities, all born from the same source.

Zero, the void, is the ultimate deity, from which the process of creation begins. Something arises from nothing, yet it remains a part of the divine, emanating from the very essence of deity itself. Beyond Universe was published on Apr 21, 2014

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