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Beyond Universe

At the very beginning of our universe we often imagine this one particle. This unity of everything which expanded into this immense space. How was this particle created? It would make sense to me that it must have come from nothing. That before the universe was created there was nothing at all, but this contradicts what we have. We have something out of nothing which does not make any sense. This could easily be described as 1/0 which gives an error on any calculator, but the universe must have done this. Or has it? What if it really is not possible to make something out of nothing. What if it is not real, and when you make something out of nothing, it simply exists as an illusion, A virtual world, that comes from nothing. Being it's virtual self it can create it's own environment, it's own univere.

Every universe is a virtual realm of something else. The nothingness (0) creates this virtual universe of something (1). Out of the something, more can become. Creating many virtual selves, from itself.

Zero is the ultimate god. Out of the ultimate god we can have a process that is something, and that becomes one. Which is still god, a part god, coming from god itself.

Beyond Universe was published on Apr 21, 2014

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