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We always want to become better, smarter, more intelligent. We always want to expand. We always want to achieve more and we are always getting more knowledgeable. Every day. Every minute. We are always in taking in information, but one day. One unexpected day. We lose everything we ever achieved. We had ever learned. All the people we have met. Everything will be forgotten.The next thing you know is that you are alive again. Breathing, taking in new information through your senses. You live another life. Worse or better. Unaware that you have had many lives before. You keep on living. Going through an endless cycle of sadness, happiness, depression and excitement. All emotions, but many times you also feel empty without any emotion. This is when you are at the middle of the emotional roller-coaster. You keep on cycling through this emotional cycle. Going up and down. Sometimes staying more up than before and other times you will live a life full of torture.You might ask yourself what is the point of anything if ultimately you are there where you began. You never have anything at all. You are always equal to zero, just the way you came from zero. You live through live trying to become better. Reaching higher levels of spirituality, mainly hoping that your next life will be better when before. Wishing that your next life will be fortunate enough to became a better person. You get into a bad life and make nothing out of it. Ultimately you will always be cycling through all possibilities. Even though there are infinite possibilities. It is an endless ride this thing we call life. No matter what we do. No matter how far our technology brings us. Even if we all turn into robots. Travel through multiple dimensions all in one life. Ultimately there is no escape. One day you will die no matter what. No matter if you discover the infinite truths of the universe. You are stuck in this cycle. Is all this worth it, is it better to be something than to become nothing at all, for all eternity. Not existing ever again.? I have asked myself this many times when I was young. I wanted to imagine what it was like before I was even born. I wanted to know. Is it better if I had never even started to exist? The thought at that time really scared me. How could I not exist! I always existed haven’t I? I could never have not existed! It is not possible. There must be an explanation. I would often ask myself what the meaning of life is. Only now have I realized that it is 42...

Infinity was published on Feb 01, 2014

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