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Imaginary House v2

Published: Nov 13, 2022

Tags: psychology

Synopsis: Was it all just a lie? Is there still hope while I sit on the rock... This might still just be the beginning


There is no need to hurry

Published: Oct 15, 2022

Tags: philosophy

Synopsis: Slow down. We have an infinity before us, there is no need to hurry.


Plan 9 Exploration

Published: May 23, 2021

Tags: technology

Synopsis: Exploring 9front on a raspberry pi 4


Clingy Tree

Published: Sep 30, 2020

Tags: psychology

Synopsis: He was in his early 20s when he met the clingy tree. Everything about this tree seemed perfectly normal. The tree had roots, a stem, branches, leaves and in summer, it had bright red fruits. Filling the scene with vivid colors.


Beyond Universe

Published: Apr 21, 2014

Tags: philosophy

Synopsis: At the very beginning of our universe we often imagen this one particle. This unity of everything which expanded into this immense space. How was this particle created?



Published: Feb 01, 2014

Tags: philosophy

Synopsis: We always want to become better, smarter, more intelligent. We always want to expand. We always want to achieve more and we are always getting more knowledgeable. Every day. Every minute. We are always in taking in information, but one day. One unexpected day. We lose everything we ever achieved.